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About the courses

Our vision is to train teachers who have the knowledge, skills and understanding to make a real difference to children’s life chances. We believe the best way to do that is to immerse our trainees into school life working with serving teachers who are already making that difference, and deliver a high-quality, research-led training programme.

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We pride ourselves on providing our trainees with the highest quality of support and care. This way of working starts from the very beginning of the programme where we build our trainees up, preparing them to teach and ensuring that everyone feels confident and prepared before they are expected to stand in front of a whole class. The programme is developed to ensure that it is manageable, not too hard but with definite challenges from the start; think of us as the Goldilocks teacher training course that always strives to find the ‘just right’ balance for all individuals.

Our teaching team at Teamworks are committed and experienced ITE educators and we run a bespoke programme with highly personalised support for each of our trainee teachers. Benefitting from our status as a national Research School, our programme is informed by the latest research-based evidence into teaching and our trainees have access to the most up-to-date educational research – often before current practising teachers! As a group the trainees will meet once a week for the majority of the year to benefit from specialist teaching and coaching that will support them to be the best teachers they can be. We have a full-time programme leader looking after our trainees, outstanding practitioners teaching and mentoring them and school leaders who are fully committed to training the next generation of teachers.

Our programme includes placements in two schools from within the partnership across the year. Our trainees will benefit from experience across two consecutive Key Stages (Foundation and Key Stage 1 / Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2). A key strength of our partnership is the diversity of schools; the two placement schools will be contrasting and the range of children and teachers that trainees have the opportunity to work with will come from across the entire alliance ensuring you are trained to teach in all schools from the very start of your career.

Whilst on the programme, you will be given a laptop for your sole use. You will also have access to the library and student services at The University of Huddersfield.

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