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We work in partnership with a wide range of Primary and Secondary schools across West Yorkshire.

Our vision is to train teachers who have the knowledge, skills and understanding to make a real difference to children’s life chances, and we can’t do that without the support of our excellent partner schools and mentors.


Please email if you would like to work with us, find out more about how we can support your school, or enquire about our high quality, evidence-informed mentor training offer (please see below) that will provide your mentors with not only the tools they need to effectively support ITT trainees and ECTs, but also further their own professional development.


I thoroughly enjoy my role as a Mentor working on the Teamworks SCITT program supporting trainees in the primary phase. Working with other mentors and liaising with senior leaders and other teachers has helped me to develop my own practice and skills. I feel very privileged to work closely with trainees on a daily basis.

~ Saleha Hollingsworth, Teamworks SCITT school-based mentor

  • There is highly effective communication between course leaders, mentors and trainees.
  • Leaders’ long-established vision to nurture excellent teachers is tangible. It is a shared mission… which has been co-constructed with partner schools.
  • Leaders have ensured that their… systems and processes support the workload and wellbeing of trainees and their mentors.
  • Leaders furnish mentors with the professional development that they need to enable trainees’ school placements to operate smoothly.
  • Mentors provide consistent guidance to trainees. Mentors and trainees use their regular professional meetings to establish meaningful weekly targets.
  • Mentors help to share trainees’ proficiency in teaching in line with leaders’ expectations, and trainees progress well through the course as they benefit from a shared understanding of what to do to improve their practice.

~ Ofsted, March 2024