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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between studying on a SCITT route and at university?

  • We have a taught programme just like a university, but our programme is taught in school one day a week across the year, so you will spend time in the classroom every week throughout your course.
  • SCITT programmes are staffed by practising classroom teachers and school leaders who are experts in their fields.
  • You gain a lot more school experience as you are in at least two schools across the year for the whole of the training programme.
  • Our courses are flexible and responsive, timetables can be altered to include extra sessions and programmes can be changed very quickly so they are bespoke to each cohort.

What are the similarities between studying on a SCITT route and at university?

  • The qualification – QTS – is recommended wherever you train, we also offer a PGCE as part of our programmes so all SCITT trainees receive the same qualification as those at university.
  • Structurally the courses are similar as we have core training every week like a university. We also do not expect you to teach lessons in your first week, we build up your contact time as you become more confident across the year.
  • All trainees have a school-based mentor who meets with them every week. SCITT staff also pay you regular visits giving you lots of support.
  • Fees and funding for non-salaried trainees are identical for universities and SCITTs.

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